Anatomy Of The Penis

The penis is not a muscle, as many people say. It’s made of erectile tissue, which is not the same as muscle tissue.

The erectile tissue has a similar structure to that of sponges. The size of the cells inside the penile wall give the size of the penis. If the cells are small then the member will also accordingly be small. You noticed that during the erection the willy becomes much bigger. That happens because the penis fills with blood. The penis can be enlarged using a natural method.

It involves the engorgement of the penis with blood, and causing the cells to break down during exercising. During the night and when the exercises are not performed the cells inside the organ will heal, but they will heal larger, to adapt to the increasing volume of blood that is forced inside the penis.

Basically, the penis is comprised of three columns of erectile tissue. The corpus spongiosum is partly inside the body and partly outside and stretches on the underside of the penis. The root of the penile shaft is the part on the inside of the body and it extends from inside the body to the tip of the penis. There it expands and forms the glans or the head of the penis. The base of the glans with its preeminent edge is called corona. On the inside of the corpus spongiosum is the urethra, the pathway for both urine and semen. During erection the corpus spongiosum has a steady and normal blood flow and it doesn’t expand as much as the two corpora cavernosa.

The two corpora cavernosa are situated laterally and above the corpus spongiosum. The corpora cavernosa expand to just below the head of the penis. They hold the largest volume of blood during erections. The place where the glans meets the corpora cavernosa is called the neck of the penis.

The three cylinders of erectile tissue are surrounded by a circular layer of elastic tissue. This elastic tissue is covered by a layer of skin. The skin of the penis is usually a little darker in color than the rest of the skin and is free and plied when the male sexual organ is in its flaccid state. From the corona a circular ply of skin, called prepuce, expands to the front to cover the glans. The prepuce can be pulled back to expose the glans. The frenum is the inner fold of skin situated on the underside of the glans.

The erection is the result of numerous events that occur in a relatively short period of time. The erection begins with the acceleration of the blood flow, triggered by the nervous system. Sexual stimuli are processed by the brain and sent to the penis via the nervous fibers. The three cylinders of erectile tissue are formed by empty spaces and smooth “nets” of tissue, similar to the structure of the sponges.

When the penis is flaccid the inner spaces are contracted and small in size and the tissue is condensed. During erection blood floods the empty spaces, expands them and causes it to to rise and get hard. The amount of blood that the penis can hold can be increased.

As the volume of blood that enters the organ increases the volume of blood that exits the size decreases. The dilation of the vessels that bring blood inside the willy also contributes to the increase in size. The erection is achieved when the blood is “trapped” inside the penis.

What Affects Penis Size?

Penis size is given not only by genetic factors, but also by culture, diet, the exposure to chemicals , the overall health of the body and so on.

In recent years more so, the size of the penis has become very important, and a part of human culture. The bigger the penis, the happier the man and his partner. Having a big length has positive effects not only in the sexual area, but also on the libido and general state of mind.

Women seem to be more attracted to big penises. This happens because the natural instinct is to appreciate bigger and better looking things. Also, though it is not necessarily related, the size of the penis gives women the feeling that the man is better fit and has a bigger reproductive ability.

There are people who claim that the size of the penis is not important since the average length of the vagina is of only 4 inches or 10 centimeters so the member mustn’t be any longer than that.

Then why are penises shorter 12.7 cm. considered “small”, and why can the vagina, when the woman is fully aroused, reach lengths of up to 23 cm.?

If women feel pain when a big penis is inserted in their vagina then they are not properly lubricated and fully aroused.

The Functions Of The Male Sexual Organ

The male sexual organ is known for it’s multiple functionality and versatility. Since the beginning of time the big willy has been wanted by both men and women (most of the time, cos’ ancient Greeks had a thing for small penises).

I’m sure that a big penis was desired by cave-people( to be politically correct) and since, it has come a long way, passing through it’s good periods and bad periods, ups and downs so to speak.

As I was saying before digressing, the penis is known for it’s versatility and multi – purpose utilization.

If you can read this you’re most likely to know what the two main functions of the penis are. If you can’t you should go get milk and cookies and let the penis issues for when you’re older.

Not getting in details, most men find out, about the same time that they found out that Santa is strangely enough their parents twin brother, that the “wee – wee” not only helps them “pee – pee”, but also that, when they’ll get bigger they can stick it in girls and make babies. Most are grossed out by both news.

Grownups of both sexes seem to put an accent on the role the penis plays in intercourse. It’s not surprising since the penis is the biggest source of pleasure, coming second only after the pleasure driving a “1 million dollars” car can give… I don’t know what’s the equivalent for women, maybe having a boyfriend with a “1 million dollars” car.

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