Penis Pills

How Do Penis Pills Work?

Before I get into how penis pills work let us first talk about what happens when you have an erection. Yes, I am aware that you know your penis gets big and stiff when you get an erection but I want you to understand why it does that.

When you become aroused blood rushes into the Corpora Cavernosa. The Corpora Cavernosa are the tissue chambers that surround your penis. When blood is forced into those chambers you will get an erection.

So, exactly how do penis pills work in this process? The ingredients in male enhancement pills help push more blood into the chambers of your penis. And when you combine enlargement exercises with penis supplements you will get amazing results.

We recommend all our clients use penis enlargement exercises alongside any surgical or non-surgical enhancement procedures that we recommend. The idea behind our penis enlargement exercises is to help make those chambers bigger. With each exercise you will either be pulling, massaging or applying pressure to your penis. All of this will lead to one result which is a bigger, thicker and longer penis.

The exercises stretch the tissue chambers and the pills help get more blood into those chambers. The result of course is a larger penis.

How Do Penis Pills Increase Blood Flow To The Tissue Chamber

NOTE! This will sound a little confusing at first but stick with me and it will all make sense by the end.

When you get aroused, Nitric Oxide is released from the cells and nerves in your penis. When Nitric Oxide is released it opens the door for other enzymes to get involved.

Those enzymes work together to help increase the production of cGMP or cyclic guanosine monophospate. Cyclic guanosine monophospate is a compound that helps to relax the tissue that surrounds the arteries in your penis.

When the tissue is relaxed the arteries will open up and expand. When the arteries open up and expand the amount of blood flow to the penis and specifically the Corpora Cavernosa tissue chambers increases. The result? An erection.

How Do Penis Pills Work?

Cyclic guanosine monophospate is digested by another enzyme known as Phosphodiesterase-V. If Phosphodiesterase-V digests the cyclic guanosine monophospate too soon you won’t be able to have a full erection. In some instances you won’t be able to get an erection at all.

Penis enlargement pills help prevent the Phosphodiesterase-V from digesting the Cyclic guanosine monophospate too soon. This allows the increase blood flow to fully enter the chambers creating a bigger and stronger erection.

And there you have it. Now you know how penis pills work you can achieve longer, stronger and bigger erections.

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