Jes-Extender Penis Extender Review

Penis extension is a rapidly-growing niche in the male health and wellness scene. The concept of increasing one’s penis size or girth isn’t a new concept by any means, but advances in technology and more accurate research means we now have the tools and knowledge to best make it happen. That’s why there’s been a sudden influx of new penis extension products (like the Jes-Extender) on the market in recent years.

Jes Bech Müller is a big name on the scene, but they’re certainly not a new company. Jes Bech Müller (company name, not a lone individual) actually created the first ever penis extender back in 1995 by the name of the Jes-Extender. Today, it remains one of the most popular and high quality extension products available for public use. We’ve got a detailed review of the Jes-Extender below.


  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Market longevity
  • Tried and tested results
  • Originally used by plastic surgeons
  • High quality materials
  • European CE certified
  • Endorsed by the medical community
  • Increases size, girth and treats curved penises
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 1 year warranty and money back guarantee


  • Expensive in comparison to similar products
  • Requires extensive use to see results

What Is The Jes-Extender Penis Extender?

The Jez-Extender is a penis extension device originally created in 1995. It was one of the first to ever hit the market and the company behind JesExtender, Jes Bech Müller, have continually improved the device over the years. As more capabilities have become available, the Jes Extender has evolved alongside technological and scientific advancements to make it one of the premier extender products around.

According to the Jes-Extender website, the device has been used by 500,000 men and counting since it first arrived on the scene. In comparison to some other products on the market, the Jes Extender users report a higher success rate than average when it comes to increasing size and girth. The product also has proven results when it comes to straightening bent penises (such as users suffering from Peyronie’s Disease or Chordee).

How Does The Jes-Extender Penis Enlarger Work?

The Jez-Extender works by breaking down tissue in the penis in order to rebuild it stronger and more durable, concurrently adding substantial length and girth in the process. It follows the same principles as resistance training: applying pressure to the parts of the body you want to increase in mass. The tissue in penis is no different to other tissue in the body, meaning it can be enlarged in the same way.

The JesExtender comes pre-assembled so you don’t need to put anything together yourself. It has a ring that is placed around the base of the penis and a rubber strap that fastens around the glans. Connecting these two components are two metallic rods that can be adjusted to increase or decrease tension.

Placing the device around the penis is straightforward and completely painless. The traction device should be adjusted to be slightly larger than your flaccid penis length, placed over the penis and then locked in place. You then need to adjust the rods so that you feel a comfortable level of stretch. When your penis becomes used to this sensation, you then increase further.


How Often Should I Use The Jes-Extender Penis Extender?

According to findings, the Jes-Extender takes around six months of regular use in order to see significant results. In total, this requires around 1000 hours of use, and the device should ideally be used for a minimum of 2 hours per day until you’re happy with the end result. For maximum results, you should start with 1-2 hours of use per day and then gradually increase to 4-6.

The below is Jes-Extender’s Start Up Schedule which should be used as a guideline for number of hours used.

  • Week 1 & 2: 1-2 hours per day at 800-1200g / 28-42oz Traction
  • Week 3 & 4: 3-4 hours per day at 1200g / 420z Traction
  • Week 5 & 6: 5-6 hours per day at 1200-2000g / 42-71oz Traction

After the six week mark, some users report visible results already. From this point, it’s important to continue on with a regular schedule, ideally of around 4 hours a day for maximum benefit. Fortunately, the Jes-Extender can be worn discreetly under clothing, meaning it can be used passively while you go about your daily activities.

What Results Can I Expect With Jes-Extender?

4-6 months of regular use, users report an average 28% increase in length and a 19% increase in girth. In comparison to similar products, these are very positive results. It’s also an added advantage that the device can be used during regular activities and can even be worn overnight (providing you’re not a restless sleeper as this increases risk of injury).

Another desired result from the JesExtender is to align penises that aren’t perfectly straight. Bent penises are a common occurrence in men; some are naturally bent while other users may suffer from conditions that cause curved or crooked penises. Jes Extender has proven results of rectifying these conditions to help with body image and future medical issues.

Common Results Over A 3 Month Period

WeeksLength BeforeLength AfterDifferenceLength (%)
Mean (cm)141215.82.829
Range (cm)(8-24)(9.5 – 15.0)(12.5 – 18.5)(1.5 – 5.0)(10 – 42)

Jes Extender Penis Stretching Product Line

The Jes-Extender comes in five different varieties: Light, Original, Titanium, Gold and Platinum. In each package, the device is the same. It’s only the additional accessories and the length of the warranties which differ. All purchases come with at least a one year warranty and money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Benefits Of Using Jes-Extender Penis Stretcher

Increased penis size and girth is the most appealing benefit of the JesExtender. With proven results, brand reliability and thousands of positive reviews out there, there’s no doubt that the Jes-Extender fulfills its intended purpose. While results may differ depending on the individual, the high success rate amongst customers speaks volumes about the Jes-Extender’s capabilities.

Other benefits include treatment for ailments such as Peyronie’s Disease (bent or crooked penises). Some gentlemen might be shy or embarrassed to see a specialist about such conditions, so the Jes-Extender allows them to address these issues discreetly.

A large portion of Jes Extender users also reported increased erection levels after using the device for the recommended amount of time. While increased size and erection sustainability aren’t directly linked, longer erection levels may be a symptom of the increased confidence that a larger penis can provide.

Reviews For Jes-Extender

Online reviews for Jes-Extender products are overwhelmingly positive. There are a number of customer reviews on their official website and many more across men’s health websites. Most reviews praise the Jes-Extender’s results, claiming it will almost certainly provide increased length providing the device is used correctly for a long enough time period.

Jes-Extender doesn’t currently have a presence on Trustpilot or BBB. However, there are a significant number of third-party reviews available to see online. The only real negatives that crop up are the Jes-Extender’s cost and the length of time required to see improvements.

Where Can I Buy Jes Extender Penis Expander

The best place to purchase the Jes-Extender is through their official website. They offer the cheapest prices and their shipping is free to anywhere in the United States. They also have branches across Europe and Canada for any overseas customers too. The Jes-Extender official website also provides the option to buy spare parts and accessories too. This is ideal for customers who want a particular component which doesn’t come with their package of choice.

Every purchase from the Jes-Extender official store comes with an extended warranty for a minimum of 12 months. The more expensive packages offer longer warranties (2 years, 5 years and lifetime).

Conclusion on JesExtender Penile Traction Device

The Jes-Extender is a safe, working traction device that delivers significant results. As one of the most reputable penis extender products on the market, its brand stability and longevity in proves that it can make good on its claims of improving penis size, girth and assisting with crookedness. In the 27 years since Jez-Extender arrived on the scene, countless other manufacturers have attempted to copy their product.

Providing you’re willing to put the hours in, Jes-Extender is a top choice for anyone looking to increase the dimensions of their penis or make any similar improvements. While the cost is slightly higher than some of its competitors, JesExtender uses only high quality products that are both durable and comfortable. The higher tier packages also come with that luxury feel that adds a little confidence to the package too.

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