Penis Enlargement Pills FAQ

Penis Enlargement Pills FAQ

Everyone and their brother has heard about those magic little pills a man can take that claim to be able to make that certain male organ grow in size, but what information is actually true, and what is a load of, well, poppycock? Because penis enlargement pills have only been around for a few years, of course the rumors are flying left and right, but our Penis Enlargement Pills FAQ will try to answer some of those burning questions you may have.

Are you talking about Viagra?

The answer to this question is a big no! Viagra is a pill that makes it easier for a man to get an erection when he needs one. Penis enlargement pills do not give you that instant up, but a different effect-one that many men seek desperately.

What do penis enlargement pills do?

The ingredients in penis enlargement pills give a man who is able to experience erections a better quality erection. Some men are able to achieve a hardness that is functional, but not the result they are really looking for. What penis enlargement pills do is help with blood flow among other factors to give the user a more satisfying erection-one that arrives more quickly and is more firm than his normal erection quality, and over time the size of the penis itself should have a noticeable increase.

Do penis enlargement pills work?

Penis enlargement pills do work, yes, but this depends on what pill the man is taking and whether each user is able to be affected by the pill. Very similar to other types of medication, penis enlargement pills don’t work for every single person. The best way to find out is to talk to your doctor and try one!

How quickly do penis enlargement pills take to work?

Penis enlargement pills are not one that takes immediate affect, again very similarly to other types of medication, there is a half-life. Generally men see results after a few months of continuous use, where the active ingredients have had time to build up in the user’s system. Some results, like erection quality, can be seen sooner.

Is there anything else I should know about penis enlargement supplements?

As with any medication or supplement there are side effects so be sure to ask your doctor before you begin your regimen. However, many men decide that the side effects that may occur are worth the end result by far. For more information about exactly how and why penis enlargement pills work, try a quick online search and look for sources that are .gov or .org to be sure the information you are getting is up to date and correct.

Finally, we’ll end with two Fun Facts:

  1. The average male penis is not ten inches. The average male penis is between five and seven inches, with most falling in the six-inch range. If you find yourself to be below the five-inch mark, don’t worry. This just means that if you are seeking a bit more manhood, you are a great candidate for penis enlargement pills. If you are looking to see gargantuan growth, however, you may want to change your views! Especially because of the reasons provided in the next fun fact!
  2. Length is not always a good thing! The average female vagina is only four inches in depth, with the ability to stretch up to three more inches. This means that if you DO crave that ten-inch penis neither you nor her will be fully satisfied by that feeling of complete penetration, so keep this in mind!

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