Penis Stretching

The History of Penis Stretching

Penis Extenders are designed to stretch the penis until the user is happy that he’s added extra length and width. Luckily for today’s users, penis stretching extenders have become far more advanced in their design and technology and they have reached a level where almost any man can purchase one, wear it comfortably and see positive results.

This has not always been the case though, as penis extenders have been around for a long time and they suffered for years from poor design and technology. In fact, the stretching of body parts has been around for thousands of years and it has been used by many races throughout history to stretch various body parts including necks, arms, legs and of course the men would stretch their penises. Different tribes through history have used weights and other items to stretch body parts, whether it be their lips or ears. Many tribal societies have attempted penis stretching in one form or another over the centuries. It is reported that Polynesian males used to stretch their penises by using a woven sleeve made of plant fibre and it was said to be very similar to a Chinese finger trap. The penis was placed into one end and a heavy object was hung from the other end. It is also thought that cave drawings, dating back to 440 BC, show men with large penises(this doesn’t prove that men in 440 BC used extenders, but it does show mans obsession with penis size).

Penile Stretching & Male Virility

Penis size and sexual potency has always been used as a symbol of male virility and masculinity in ancient Arabia. Old Arabian fiction tales describe many sexual encounters and the resulting male dominance because of their genitalia size and power. It is thought, the famous technique of “jelqing” originated from Arabian culture. In the 1970’s, Dr. Brian Richards carried out detailed studies on the effectiveness of the Arabic Jelq. His research was published by the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and it showed positive results for 87% of the men tested. However, the growth in penis size that they experienced was not very significant and it took a long time. It is recommended today, that penis stretching exercises are used alongside a penis extender, to get the maximum results over a shorter time period.

In Africa, different tribes have used penis stretching techniques in the same way that they use stretching techniques for there lips and ears. Likewise, in South America, the Suya Tribesmen from the Amazon have used extension techniques as a tradition and they have also used the same techniques to stretch their penises.

Penile Stretching

A Suya tribesman using a lip disc to stretch his bottom lip. Penis stretching works using the same principles.

Interestingly, in ancient Italy and Greece, there are several ancient references to “preparation of the member by placing a heavy burden” and by way of a “heated massage”. Even young boys were taught how to complete penis exercises, that would help them to add “length and girth”.

In Egypt, the history of penis stretching dates back to pre-Egyptian dynasty days. There are ancient manuscripts that detail the experimentation on slaves and methods of how to increase penis size were written. It has been shown that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt practiced the “weight hanging” method of penis extension. This method has been proven to be a very unsafe way of increasing your penis size and also not effective. It’s been proven that while this method will increase the length of your penis, the width will decrease. Also, blood circulation around the penis could decrease, meaning that your penis would stop working properly.

The Indian Sadkhus tribes achieved amazing results by hanging stones onto their penises with lianas or grass. The heavy stones that they used extended all the penis tissues with equal force, giving them incredible results.

Penis Stretching Techniques That Still Work Today

Simply put, there is a lot of historical evidence that confirms the effectiveness and success of various penis extending techniques, no matter how basic they seem. Next time you look at a modern penis extender or you read an article about manual stretching techniques, know that these ideas originate from thousands of years ago.

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