MaleEdge Penis Extender

MaleEdge Penis Extender Review

Penis extension is a flourishing topic within the male health scene. What was once considered a myth is now a very common reality, as men all over the world opt to extend their penis length for a wide number of personal or medical reasons. And with more penile extender products available like the MaleEdge Penis Extender, making it happen has never been easier.

MaleEdge is one of the more well-known brands in the men’s health niche. They’ve been operating since 1995 and have amassed a fantastic reputation over their long career. Their philosophy is that penile enlargement should be no different from working out or using grooming products, and they go the extra mile to ensure their customers are satisfied. We’ve compiled all of the information you need about the Male Edge Penis Extender below.


  • Affordable
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use
  • Can be worn anywhere
  • Durable and easy to transport
  • Simple extension options
  • Reputable supplier
  • Instructional DVD and measurer included
  • Good customer support options
  • 12-month warranty


  • No option for directional tension
  • Instructions could be clearer

What Is The MaleEdge Penis Extender?

The MaleEdge Penis Extender is an extension device aimed at growing your penis without the requirement for any pills or surgery. The product is fully tested and FDA approved and has thousands of positive customer reviews to its name. MaleEdge remains one of the most popular penis enlargement brands on the market today.

The MaleEdge Penis Extender offers a method of enlarging the penis in a way that’s safe, natural and permanent. As of the time of writing, Male Edge offers three types of penis extender: MaleEdge Basic, MaleEdge Extra and Male Edge Pro. Each comes with a number of different features to suit different needs.

One of the MaleEdge Penis Extender’s most attractive selling points is its transportability and discreet design. The device can be worn anywhere beneath your clothing, so it’s even usable while you’re at work, in the car or in the gym. MaleEdge claims to offer discretion, comfort, and visible results above everything else.

How Does The Male Edge Penis Extension Device Work?

The MaleEdge Penis Extender works like any similar device, but also comes with a few unique features to help set it apart from its competitors. Penis enlargers, also known as sheath’s or traction devices, are worn over the penis, and after being tuned to the user’s specifications, stretch the penile tissue over time. The user will then gradually increase the force and traction to extend the penis to its maximum. This will then add size in both length and girth.

Before using the device for the first time, you will need an exact measurement of your flaccid penis for two reasons. The first is because the Male Edge will need to be adjusted to your penis size, and the second is so you can easily keep track of your progress. The MaleEdge comes already assembled so there’s no need for any setup on your part. You can begin using it as soon as you remove it from its packaging.

To begin, you’ll need to slide your flaccid penis into the device and hook the ring section around the base of your penis and a rubber strap around the glans. Two rods on either side of the device can then be adjusted to apply the stretch to your penis. You’ll then need to secure the front section of the device in place around your penis head.

At the base of the device is a small cylinder that shows the current level of traction being applied by the rods. As you become more comfortable with the current stretch, you can increase the traction to give further stretch and more size to the penis. The dial will always show the current amount of traction to make it easier to keep track of your development.

How Often Should I Use The MaleEdge Penis Stretcher?

Penile extenders are designed to gradually increase penis size over the time. In the same vein as weightlifting breaks down muscle tissue and rebuilds it stronger than before, applying pressure to the penis tissue will help grow the penis in a similar manner. On average, most men tend to notice significant results after around six months, although more dedicated users may see changes sooner.

Here’s an average schedule they recommend using as a guideline to get the best results:

  • Week 1 & 2: 2 hours per day at 800-1200g / 28-42oz Traction
  • Week 3 & 4: 4 hours per day at 1200g / 420z Traction
  • Week 5 & 6: 6 hours per day at 1200-2000g / 42-71oz Traction

This is just an approximate estimate from the supplier of how much the product should be used. Those who become accustomed to the device can increase the tension as they see fit. However, the tension must sit at a reasonable level at all times. It should never be painful to wear at any point.

Many users stop once they’ve seen some growth, but it’s possible to continue beyond the recommended six-week span too. While it’s unlikely that penis growth will continue indefinitely, it depends on your personal genetics as to how much growth you’ll see in total. Many users continue on for a little after the six-week mark and only stop once they believe they’ve reached their growth limit (which will differ from user to user).

What Are The Expected Results of MaleEdge Penis Expander?

According to data acquired by MaleEdge directly, 90% of their users see a definite increase in their penis size within six weeks of using the product. Most users see an increase between 1.4cm to 2.4cm, but many users also report a noticeable increase in girth too (although this is more difficult to quantify given the fluctuation in penis girth in general).

Generally, size increase tends to stop at around 2.4cm (or 1”), although a small number of users have passed this mark. MaleEdge provides a written guarantee that their device will provide a permanent enlargement when used correctly. This means that if you don’t see an increase after a significant period of use, you can request a full refund from the manufacturer.

In addition to the physical results, many users also report improvements mentally and emotionally too. Many men desire an increased penis size to improve mood, confidence and visual appeal, and while this isn’t reported on the MaleEdge website, other online reviews have also attested to their enhanced mental states and outlooks as a result of using the device.

In addition to the physical results, many users also report improvements mentally and emotionally too. Many men desire an increased penis size to improve mood, confidence and visual appeal, and while this isn’t reported on the MaleEdge website, other online reviews have also attested to their enhanced mental states and outlooks as a result of using the device.

Typical Results Over A 3 Month Period

WeeksLength BeforeLength AfterDifferenceLength (%)
Mean (cm)141215.33.328
Range (cm)(8-24)(9.5 – 15.0)(15.5 – 18.5)(1.5 – 5.0)(10 – 42)

The Male Edge Product Line

The company offers three products in their penis extension range; Basic, Extra and Pro. All of the packages perform the same function of increasing penis size but the premium packages offer several more accessories. Their exterior designs are slightly different but they all operate the same way. The Extra and Pro packages come with all of the features of the previous packages.

Additionally, all packages include a 12-month warranty with money-back guarantee, a Male Edge Training Diary, a personal login for the MaleEdge forums and an online instructional video

Benefits Of Using Male Edge Penis Extender

Natural penis extension is the main benefit of the Male Edge Penis Extender. It boasts an incredibly high success rate, and its money-back guarantee is a testament to MaleEdge’s confidence that their device works adequately. Additionally, the process of enlargement is pain-free, comfortable, and can be carried out any time of day in any location.

The Penis Extender also offers permanent results, which means your enlargement will remain in place for the considerable future. Users don’t need to continually use the product in order to maintain a certain size. Also, some users report that penis length can be increased exponentially.

In addition to size and girth increase, the MaleEdge Traction Device is also a popular treatment for Peyronie’s Disease (a condition from fibrous scar tissue on the penis that can cause painful erections), Chordee (a condition which causes the penis to bend downward) or naturally bent penises. The extension device can be used to ‘straighten’ penises to improve their visual appeal and help lessen the need for medical intervention at later stages.

Reviews For MaleEdge

MaleEdge currently has a number of user reviews on their website, all of which are positive and appear to be left by genuine customers. Overall, their online reviews are generally positive, with reviewers backing up MaleEdge’s claims that the product legitimately increases penis size and offers all of the advantages outlined above. The only common downside is that the MaleEdge instruction manual could be slightly clearer when explaining how to adjust the device.

Where Can I Buy MaleEdge Penis Extender

The best place to purchase the Male Edge Penile Traction Device is from the official website. They currently offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States and also have branches in Canada and Europe. Their official website occasionally offers discounts and coupon codes too.

Every package purchase comes with an extended 12 month warranty as standard. The company also has a simple returns process should you wish to exchange or refund your purchase.

Conclusion on MaleEdge Penis Extender

The MaleEdge Penis Extender is a fantastic, genuine product that delivers on all of its promises. It increases size and girth, is comfortable to wear, and can be utilized at any time or place and can be even be used when doing activities. The result is an enlarged penis size, higher confidence levels and an improved sex life.

It’s not the fastest working product in the penis extension niche by any margin. It’s advised to use the product for at least six weeks before checking your results, and for some users, this might seem like a lengthy period of time. However, this prolonged period is the sacrifice for the sheer comfort and pain-free experience that the Male Edge Penis Extender offers.

It’s certainly a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enlarge size, girth or help reshape their penis. It’s highly affordable, particularly the Basic package, and the generous returns policy helps reassure you that you won’t be wasting your money.

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