Most Effective Penis Extenders

Are All Penis Extenders The Same?

What is the difference between one penis extender and another?

Sadly, there are quite a lot of differences between the most effective penis extenders on the internet. They all seem to take a different approach when it comes to penis enlargement and that needs to be carefully looked at before you purchase an extender. There is no point in purchasing the most expensive, because you think it will be the best and there is no point in buying the cheapest just to save a bit of money.

How does a penis extender work?

A penis extender works by applying traction to the Corpora Cavernosa in your penis, causing cells to break away and multiply. As these cells multiply, your penis will be able to hold more blood, meaning an increase in penis size. You will also be able to attain harder erections, as well as reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and you can even reduce penile curvatures.

A big problem though with penis extenders, is, although they all have the same end goal, they can differ massively in design and some can be almost impossible to use. The differences might only look small on paper, but in the real world, using the wrong or right extender could be the difference between no improvement in penis size with massive discomfort and a huge improvement gained in complete comfort.

How to recognise the most effective penis extenders?

Always make sure that the extender is made from Medical Type 1 Materials as this will ensure that you can wear the device in complete comfort, with total confidence. Also make sure that the extender has undergone medical trials and clinical studies, and make sure that the extender is a certified medical device (assessed under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC).

Most manufacturers of penis extenders offer the purchaser a choice between a strap or a noose. There is a massive difference between the two and it is unwise to purchase an extender if you unsure about which one will suit you more. It makes more sense to purchase one that comes with both, that way you can decide which is better for your penis and your own comfort levels.

The noose creates a loop under the head of your penis and attaches to the extender and applies traction. This design can cause slippages, meaning that the device is essentially useless as there is no point in using it if your penis keeps slipping out.

Another thing to bear in mind when purchasing an extender, is the shape and angle of your penis. If you have a curved penis, most extenders might not work due to the fact that the manufacturers will only think of a straight penis when in the design process. Ideally, you should purchase an extender that has a multi-directional angling design. This means that every single purchaser can place their penis into the device and have total confidence in their penis extender.

Also, when purchasing your penis extender, make sure that the design includes Comfort Technology. Most penis extender manufacturers will give you 4 different ways of wearing the device. What if you can’t get comfortable with those 4 options? Do you give up and throw the device away? Remember that you’ll be wearing your penis extender for up to 5 hours a day for 6 months. If the device is uncomfortable, it will be impossible to wear for this period of time. You should be looking for a device that can offer as many different ways of wearing it as possible, that way, no matter the size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis, you can safely wear their device without discomfort.

What else should I look for when buying a penis extender?

It’s a pretty obvious thing to say, but always make sure that the penis extender you choose has undergone clinical studies. You need to be 100% sure that it has been tested under clinical conditions and that it actually works. If it is a quality device that is one of the most effective penis extenders on the market that can give guaranteed results it will say this all over the product.

Also make sure that the device comes with a full 6 month guarantee as a minimum. The device will take at least 6 months before it gives useful results, so there is no point in buying a device that offers a 3 month guarantee. If a manufacturer offers a 6 month money back guarantee, then they are obviously very confident that the product works.

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