Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Extenders vs Penis Enlargement Surgery

Which is safer – Penis Enlargement Surgery vs Penis Extenders?

As things are now so advanced in the medical world, you would think the answer to the question “Which is safer – Penis Enlargement Surgery vs Penis Extenders?” was an easy one. Well it’s not, for quite a few reasons.

Penis surgery and penis extenders have been around for decades, so you’d think by now, either option would be able to add inches to your penis without any difficulties whatsoever.

Sadly, there are still too many disadvantages with penis enlargement surgery and there are still disadvantages when buying a penis extender.

What is a Penis Extender?

Well, for starters, this is a much safer option to increase your penis size than going under the knife. It is much cheaper than penis surgery and the worst that can happen is you only see small gains. The only other mistake you can make with a penis extender, is purchasing one not suited for your penis or purchasing one that doesn’t work properly.

A penis extender works by applying traction to your penis. This allows more blood in, meaning harder erections and an increase in the size of your penis. Some people can gain up to 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth, although this will take at least 6 months of wearing the device everyday. A penis extender can also help to reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and it can help with penile curvatures.

Most penis extenders have undergone clinical studies and it’s worth mentioning, you should think very carefully before purchasing a penis extender that hasn’t undergone these studies. In one clinical study, 20 men were asked to test a range of the best penis extenders. They were asked to wear the product for the recommended time every day for a 6 month period. The average gain in length that the men experienced was 3cm when erect and the average gain in width they experienced was 2cm when flaccid. The results also lasted long after they stopped using the extender.

What are the negative points with a Penis Extender?

With the right extender you can safely and confidently increase the size of your penis, without risking lasting damage to your penis.

There are some penis extenders out there that will not work and they could cause you injury or great discomfort when using them. If you do choose to purchase a penis extender, you will need to make sure that you do plenty of research, so you end up with the right one. Below are a few tips on what to look for when making your purchase:

Make sure that the extender has undergone clinical studies and that it has been proven to work.

Make sure that the penis extender is made from Type 1 Medical Materials.

Make sure that it will be comfortable to wear as you will have it on every day for at least 6 months. You should be looking for a penis extender that has a comfort strap as well as a noose, that way if the noose is uncomfortable, you can swap it for the comfort strap and vice versa. Try and find an extender with comfort and angling technology. Comfort technology will allow you to wear the device in complete comfort and the angling technology will allow you to use the extender, no matter the sensitivity, angle, shape or size of your penis.

Also, make sure the extender comes with a 6 month guarantee as a minimum. With a 6 month guarantee you will be able to get your money back if you feel that the product doesn’t work. It should also be remembered that you’ll need to wear the extender for at least 6 months and any manufacturer offering a guarantee of less than that period, are basically stating that their product doesn’t work.

What about Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis surgery has advanced massively over the years and men now have a realistic chance of increasing the size of their penises. The biggest changes in penis surgery are the advances in trying to combat penile dysfunction. Men who suffer with being unable to maintain an erection, can now have tubes inserted into the penis, allowing them to get an erection by using a pump inserted into their testicles. This does carry risks though as you can end up doing permanent damage to the testicles.

If you want surgery in order for a bigger penis, surgeons will cut the suspensory ligament, which can add an inch to the length of your penis. The downside, it will stop your penis from pointing upwards when erect.

The riskiest procedure that you can have is skin grafting. This involves applying a skin graft to your penis in order to improve your size. This procedure will give you much more control over the size of your penis, although if the skin graft doesn’t take or you lose blood circulation, the skin graft could die and it will leave your penis scarred and deformed.

So which is the better option?

Both procedures come with positives and negatives. However, a penis extender is a much safer and cheaper option. Surgery should only be seen as a final option.

With the right penis extender you can improve the size and appearance of your penis. You can also strengthen your erection, and essentially prevent premature ejaculation.

Just remember to do your research before you make any decision.

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