SizeGenetics Penis Extender

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review

In recent years, penis extender devices have become the most popular way for men to increase the size, girth and shape of their penises. What was originally only available through surgery or prescription supplements is now widely available to the public for a very affordable price. And with so many penis enlargement products on the market (such as the SizeGenetics Penis Extender), it can be difficult to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

In this article, we’re going to look at the SizeGenetics penis extender, a traction device that promotes comfort, discretion and guaranteed results. As one of the premier penis extension products on the market, Size Genetics have a wealth of experience in the health niche, but how does their penis enlarger compare to its competitors? Here’s our detailed review of the Size Genetics penis extender.


  • Reputable brand
  • Has proven results
  • Includes a generous amount of accessories
  • FDA approved
  • Can be worn underneath clothing
  • Durable
  • High quality materials used
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Affordable
  • Significantly more comfortable than other products
  • Money back guarantee with every purchase


  • Heavier than similar products
  • Not pre-assembled

What Is The SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

The Size Genetics Penis Extender is the flagship product from men’s health company SizeGenetics. The company have been on the scene since 1995 and in that time have amassed a wealth of satisfied customers and proven themselves as a reputable and scientifically-sound option for genital enlargement. They currently offer 4 different devices for penis increase and claim to offer the most comfortable device currently available for purchase.

The Size Genetics Penis Extender uses the scientifically-endorsed penis traction technique to enlarge penis size. Similar to resistance training, this technique breaks down tissue in the penis by applying gradual pressure, and over time, the tissue will repair itself stronger and more durable. This results in a longer, girthier and straighter penis in the long term.

How Does The SizeGenetics Penis Extension Device Work?

The Size Genetics Penis Extender doesn’t come pre-assembled so you’ll need to prepare the device yourself. However, it’s a very straightforward procedure as the device consists of three separate parts: the device, metal rods, and a silicone strap.

To begin, first measure the length of your flaccid penis to ensure you’re working with accurate measurements. Then place the basal ring of the device around your flaccid penis, making sure that the indent in the ring is positioned below the penis shaft. Next, place the penis through the silicone strap and tighten it in place behind the penis head. Then simply insert the metal rods into the device, which will allow you to increase or decrease tension as you see fit.

Size Genetics Penis Extender

Next, tighten the rods so you feel pressure on the penis, but so much that it becomes uncomfortable. Within a few hours, the pressure will lessen, allowing you to increase this tension further. This is how you gradually break down the penis tissue and begin the cell regeneration process.

How Often Should I Use Size Genetics Penis Expander?

It’s advised to use the SizeGenetics Penis Extender for a minimum of 2 hours per day, every day for a total of 6 months. By this time, you should be seeing visible results at around a 10-20% increase. After this point, you can continue using the device as you see fit, although consistent growth is not guaranteed.

While 2 hours per day is the required minimum, it’s advised to increase this to 5-6 hours per day after six weeks. While it isn’t a requirement to see an enlargement, it ensures that you’re maximizing the possibility of achieving notable results. Fortunately, due to its comfort and discretion, it’s possible to wear the Size Genetics Penis Extender underneath your clothes while you go about your daily activities.

What Results Can I Expect With SizeGenetics?

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender ensures at 10-20% enlargement after 6 months of regular use. In addition to size increase, users also reported a moderate increase in girth, improved erections and increased sexual stamina. Users who continued using the device for an additional 6 months reported an average increase in penis size of 28%. When compared to other products on the market, this is an impressive figure.

Size Generics also offers a product dedicated to straightening bent or curved penises. One of the most common reasons for unnaturally shaped penises is Peyronie’s Disease, and the Size Genetics Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment Kit provides medical and aesthetic assistance for those looking to straighten out their penises. Furthermore, similar results can be achieved with the other generic Size Genetic products, but not to the same lengths.

Common Results Over A 3 Month Period

WeeksLength BeforeLength AfterDifferenceLength (%)
Mean (cm)141215.82.829
Range (cm)(8-24)(9.5 – 15.0)(12.5 – 18.5)(1.5 – 5.0)(10 – 42)

Size Genetics Penis Extender Product Line

SizeGenetics currently offers 4 product lines: Value Edition, Comfort Package, Ultimate System and Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment Package. Each subsequent package comes with the same components and accessories as the previous one plus extras.

Every package also comes with a fixed 12-month warranty. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase or believe that your device may be faulty, you can return it to the supplier for a full refund.

Benefits Of Using SizeGenetics Penis Extender

The main benefit of using the Size Genetics Penis Extender is the notable increase in size. The average reported size increase is around 20%, which is a considerably high figure in comparison to some competitor products. Those who use the device long term can even expect to go higher, generally capped at just below 30%.

The product also uses MDA technology (multi-directional angling) to help with penis straightening too. The Size Genetics Penis Extender is actually one of the few traction devices on the market to incorporate this into its design, something which makes it stand out from the crowd. Users suffering from bent or curved penises have reported considerable results from utilizing this aspect of the product.

In addition to size increase, girth increase and straightening, many users have reported increased sexual stamina and erection sustainability after using the device. One of the side effects of increased penis size is sexual confidence, which then results in improved sexual abilities. While this isn’t so much a genetic improvement, it’s an appealing mental health benefit for many users.

Reviews For SizeGenetics

Size Genetics currently have a number of user-submitted testimonials on their official website. In their TOC, Size Genetics claims that these are all genuine reviews and haven’t been edited or purposely-selected in any way (the only thing which has been edited is the users’ profile pictures for anonymity). All of the testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, and some have even pointed out a few downsides to the device, although they’re minimal.

Where Can I Buy Size Genetics Penis Extender

The best place to purchase the Size Genetics Penis Stretcher is from their official website. When you head to the store section, you’ll be forwarded to the localized version of their site for your country. The company currently has outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom, although imports are available for users in other parts of the world.

Every purchase from the official Size Genetics website also provides you with a full 12-month warranty and the money-back guarantee. They also have a straightforward returns process should you wish to return or exchange the product within a year of purchase.

Conclusion on SizeGenetics Penis Extender

The Size Genetics Penis Extender is a genuine product with a proven track record of actually increasing penis size and girth. The MDA technology allows users to shape their penis as they see fit, not only providing enlargement but also providing aesthetic improvement and medical advantages too.

Given the high quality materials, durability and extreme comfort offered by the product, the price you can expect to pay is perfectly reasonable. While it’s not the cheapest traction device on the market, the increase in quality and luxury is worth the additional small amount you’ll pay in comparison to competitors.

It may take up to 6 months to see results, and it may require some flexibility and patience on your part, but the overall results speak for themselves. SizeGenetics have already helped hundreds of thousands of customers over their 25-year lifespan and they continually put out new and innovative devices. As far as penis extennsion devices go, Size Genetics is near the top of the list.

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