Medically Approved Penis Extenders

Are Penis Extenders Medically Approved?

In short, only some penis extenders are medically approved. At the Andrology Clinic we only recommend FDA approved male enhancement extenders to our clients which have been proved and backed by medical professionals. But what’s the science behind penis extending devices and how do penis traction devices work?

The body has a natural ability to regenerate its tissues and cells and this helps it repair itself. Many medical institutions take advantage of this ability to help their patients be able to recover from surgery or accident injuries faster than they normally would. This helps reduce the chances of getting an infection.

People who have experienced burns benefit from some skin grafts while mastectomy is used for chest reconstruction in victims of breast cancer. The surgeons use skin from other parts of the body to help in patching up other areas of the body which may be infected.

This is the same concept that penis extending devices use. Penis extenders stretch the penis breaking down penile tissues. When this happens, the body begins a regeneration and rebuilding phase where new tissues and cells are produced to help the penis grow longer. Medically approved penis enlargement devices are designed to make use of this concept similar to many other medical procedures.

How effective is a penis extender, mainly depends on how well one follows the instructions that come with the device. Failure to follow the instructions correctly may lead to poor results. It is important to follow the correct instructions to ensure that you get positive results.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

The short answer is yes! Below we’ve compiled the most popular questions patients ask about penis extenders and male enhancement devices. These frequently asked questions on “do male enhancement devices work?” explain why the Andrology Clinic recommend medically approved penis extenders as opposed to penis enlargement surgery.

FDA Approved Penis Extenders

After how long do I get to see the results?

Ideally, the longer you wear the device, the longer your penis will become. This also depends on how well you use the device and the pull that has been calibrated on the traction tool. It also depends on the consistency with which one uses the extender. By wearing the device for a few hours every day you can easily add one to two inches after using the device for around 3 to 4 months.

It is important to come up with a practical schedule that you can maintain over a period of time. This is dependent on the nature of your career. If you happen to have a physically engaging job, you may need to use the device at night when you are sleeping. The schedule should be tailored to fit your lifestyle.

What is the difference between penis extenders and penis pumps?

These two devices have one major difference. The results of using penis pumps are temporary. They use suction to dilate blood vessels in the penis. This instantly increases the size of the penis but it only lasts for a few hours. When the dilation ends the penis reverts to its normal size.

The penis extender offers different and long term results. It works by expanding the tissues and increases the cells using the ability of the body to regenerate. As the cells multiply and tissue increases, the length and girth of the penis increases and the effects are long-term. You should use a penis pump when looking for temporary results. If you are looking for long-term effects then you should use a medically approved penis extender.

Why are penis stretching devices so expensive?

There are reasons as to why this penis extenders cost more. Cheap is expensive in the long run. There is a lot of work that has been put into researching and designing a device that is safe. FDA approved penis extenders are also well calibrated to provide longer lasting results. Medically proven male enhancement extenders cannot be compared to a cheap sex toy because of the work that has been put into making it effective.

You can find out more about the device by visiting the comparison page. This is where you can find out about the prices, bonus products and discounts offered for the extenders.

Can I wear a penis extender at work or when sleeping?

You can do it so long as the type of work that you do is not physically exerting. You can wear a penis extender beneath loose fitting clothing. You can also sleep with the device so long as you sleep on your side or back.

How does a penis extender affect an erection?

A male enhancement extender makes one have a stronger erection because when the tissue regenerates and the cells break-down, extra room is created for blood to fill the penis. This results in stronger and bigger erections which your partner will surely appreciate.

Will a loss of girth accompany a gain in length?

This will not be the case. The aim of a penis traction device is to help in increasing the size of the penis through addition of cells and tissues. This increases the space into which blood flows thus allowing for a bigger penis. The extra tissue ensures that one gets a longer and thicker penis.

Does a penis extender work on a curved penis?

This device can actually help in correcting the curved penis defect. This is because it stretches the penis along a straight line and it can thus correct the defect over a period of time.

How long does it take for a penis extender to work?

Different people are able to wear the device for a different number of hours depending on their schedules. It is recommended that you wear the device for at least 2 hours a day over a few months. 4 hours a day is preferred but it all depends on your schedule. If work commitments make it hard for you to make time then you can wear it when you sleep. The more time you use to wear the device the better the results.

Do I need any help from a doctor?

All medically approved penis extenders have been properly designed to ensure that the user can use it on their own without having to ask for help. They have directions that will enable the user to be able to start using without having to get assistance.

Is it painful to use a penis extender?

Wearing a male enlargement extender is pain free so long as one follows the instructions. They are designed with an adjustable level of pull or traction so one can use whatever pull is comfortable for the user. They can also be modified to suit the length and size of your penis.

What happens when I get an erection while wearing the device?

You should simply remove your penis from the device then put it back again as soon as the erection subsides.

Will a penis extender work on a small penis?

Medically approved penis extenders can be used comfortably on any penis which is greater than 1.5 inches when flaccid. Any penis that is longer than this length should not have any problems using a male enlargement extender.

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