Delay Orgasm For Men

How to Delay Orgasm For Men

well-known to be a source of sexual dissatisfaction amongst couples, is the fact that men, on average, take just over five minutes to reach orgasm. In fact, premature ejaculation is one of the main factors that worries men the most besides penis size. So how can you delay orgasm for men? This article discusses the most popular climax delaying techniques for male orgasm which will help you stop cumming so quickly.

Tip 1 – Let Your Mind Wander

So admittedly, nobody wants to think about their great grandma whilst having sex with their lady, but letting your mind wander isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re trying to last longer. Even though this may sound like basic advice, this is still the number 1 tip that sexual therapists give to their clients to this day.

Tip 2 – Control Your Breathing

Even though sex is always exciting, you still have to remember to breathe properly. Both men and women forget how important it is to them. They tend to breathe fast and heavily or don’t breathe at all.

It’s important to breathe slowly and try to keep it steady. You should always be in control of your breathing when in bed. It may take some time to get used to and may be uncomfortable at first, but when you get the hang of it, you can significantly prolong the time of intercourse.

Tip 3 – There is No Hurry

Try not to get too excited, take it slow. When you feel like exploding, slow down and take a breath. Sometimes you may even need to stop for a while. You must control the pleasure and not let it take over an control you. You could also pull out and use your fingers and mouth until you have calmed down.

Tip 4 – Pinch and Squeeze

Pinch your penis or squeeze the tip while taking a small break. It will delay your orgasm, even though it may be a bit uncomfortable. Applying pressure to a spot between your anus and balls hold the ejaculation back. You can even ask your partner to do it.

Tip 5 – Use Various Positions

If you use the same position throughout the intercourse, problems with endurance are bound to occur. This is especially true when you are on top, holding your body up with your arms, which makes you exhausted. If you have used other positions but without much improvement, these just might not be right for you. Don’t keep up and try some more, experiment with your partner. Look up various positions online, watch porn or check out Kama Sutra, there are tons of ideas out there for you to try.

So there you have it. Follow these 5 tips to delay orgasm for men and you should be lasting longer in the sack in no time. If you feel that the amount of time you are lasting in bed is negatively impacting your sex life and relationship, take a look at our article about premature ejaculation.

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