Glans Penis Exercises

Glans Penis Exercises

Many men who think that the size of their penis head is small are not happy about their condition. They look for solutions to the problem and one of the best solutions is performing glans penis exercises known as needling. Even though needling is not intended to hinder or replace any other routine, you can use it to enlarge your penis head. The most important thing to note before you start this exercise is that its main aim is to enlarge your penis’ head when you achieve an erection. Even though the size of the penis head can increase when your penis is flaccid, it is most likely that the head will not be as large as when the penis is erect.


You do not need to warm up in order to begin this exercise. It is advisable to perform it after completing and cooling down from the major enlargement training that you usually perform every day. It is also essential for you to apply adequate amounts of lubrication on the head of the penis before you start needling. After preparing in this manner, sit down in a position that is relaxed and then hold the base of your flaccid penis with your left hand. Start stimulating your penis gradually until it becomes erect.

When your penis becomes completely erect, hold your penis’ base with your left hand and then slowly increase the grip until it becomes firm. Place your right hand a few inches below the head, move your left hand slowly upwards behind it and then move it slowly back down. Make sure that you do not release the grip as you do this. You should continue with this process for about nine to twenty times during each workout or as much as you can be able to withstand. As you perform this exercise, you should remember that you should not use it in place of other exercises within your penis enlargement program.

Mushroom Head Exercise

The second of the Glans Penis Exercises combines elements of the modified jelq and the erect squeeze. First make your penis is semi-erect, around 80% is good. Using your left hand’s index and middle fingers, make a V sign and squeeze the penis shaft at the base. This will stop the flow of blood to your penis. With your right hand, make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger. Starting at the base, slowly stroke your penis towards the head to draw the blood forward. Do this action four to five times. Now grasp the whole shaft of your penis with your right hand and squeeze tightly (as if you were strangling a snake). Hold for a couple of seconds or as long as you can tolerate it. Blood will stay longer in the head and won’t flow back to the base.

Repeat with caution for a maximum of 10 minutes and always ensure the penis is in a semi-erect state.

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