What is Jelqing

Jelqing is a common term that is in use nowadays to refer to a gamut of techniques used to enlarge the penis over a period of time. The techniques include stretching the penis, massaging and milking it that helps to increase its size. This is a technique that supposedly originated and was used in Arabia and the nearby lands. There are claims that penises enlarged to over 20 inches in length when the technique was used! However, the veracity of the claims made by websites about the outcomes of using this technique is yet to be confirmed.

The theory behind doing the jelq exercise runs thus: the ‘milking’ motion that is applied on the penis basically helps more blood to flow into the corpora cavernosa or the spongy tissues that are responsible for making the penis erect. The ‘milking’ motion stretches the corpora cavernosa’s walls to accommodate larger volumes of blood into these tissues. Though the techniques purportedly works on both the flaccid and erect penises to increase their effective size, the effect is better seen on erect penises. Jelqing is similar to any other exercise and needs to be performed on a daily basis for results to happen. The jelqing technique can be used to increase both the length and the girth of the penis. Results of using the technique can be seen after a month, but differentiable results occur in both the length and girth only after many months of jelqing.

Some Points to Note Prior To Jelqing

Measure the original length of your penis

It is recommended that you maintain a journal as soon as you start the jelqing exercise. Measuring your penis on a weekly basis is suggested. It is important that you measure the size of your penis both when it is flaccid as well as when erect. When erect, make it a point to measure the length as well as the thickness. Ensure that you note down the values. Though many techniques of measurement are available, most importantly, remember that it should be done at regular intervals using the same method.

Warm up before jelqing

Just as in any other exercise, warming up before the exercise brings about optimal results.

The steps involved in the jelqing warm up are listed below:

  • Massage your penis until you are semi-erect.
  • Cover your penis with a warm washcloth for a period of three minutes. (It is suggested that you keep the washcloth soaked in warm water for the purpose.)
  • Repeat the same step three times.
  • You can also try stroking and massaging your half-erect penis by placing it in a bowl of warm water instead of the wrap-up method.

How To Jelq

Dab a lubricant such as baby-oil on your semi-erect penis as well as the palms of both your hands. Grip your penis firmly with the thumb and forefinger of one hand by forming an ‘OK’ sign. Form the grip at the base of your penis and then progressively start milking your penis gently towards its end.
When your hand reaches the base of the penis, use the same technique next with your free hand and start milking once again. Do not continue the milking motion over the head of the penis. Thus, use both hands, one after the other, for a continuous milking motion.

The speed of milking can be adjusted in such a manner that you are able to ‘jelq’ 100 times in a five-minute slot initially. It is recommended that you perform the jelq stroke only up to one hundred times per day in the first week. In the second week you can increase the number of jelq strokes to 200 per day and increase by yet another hundred to 300 strokes per day in the third week. Five hundred strokes per day, from the fourth week, are strongly recommended for best results when following this type of penis exercise.

Some Points to Be Kept In Mind While Performing the Jelq

It is recommended that you keep in mind the following points to jelq safely:

  1. It is always a good idea to seek assistance of a professionally designed program that teaches you to jelq safely.
  2. The Penis Advantage program is recommended.
  3. The warm-up technique performed before jelqing always optimizes the results.
  4. Use a sufficient amount of lubricant during jelqing to prevent abrasions.
  5. Holding the penis in a vice-like hard grip may bruise it.
  6. Do not grip it too tight. If you see that your penis has abrasions after jelqing, it means that your grip is too tight.
  7. It is not safe to jelq when you are fully hard.
  8. Do not ejaculate when jelqing either. This may damage your manhood.
  9. Ensure that you jelq only when your penis is semi-hard.
  10. A warm-down for your penis, much in the same way as a warm-up, is suggested after you jelq for the day.

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