Penis Warm Up Exercises

Penis Warm Up Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises have been medically proven to be affective and are one of the best and safest options to enlarge a man’s penis in today’s day and age. However, in order for these penis enlargement exercises to actually succeed, it is absolutely essential for you to use penis warm up exercises beforehand so your penis is warm and ready for a more intense exercise. Below are four popular penis warm up exercises you can practice before exercising your penis.

Use A Heating Pad To Warm Up Your Penis

You can buy a heating pad in nearly any department store. They are easy to use and work well for warming up the penis. Always use moist heat when using the heating pad. Heat is more easily absorbed into the penis. All you have to do is wrap the heating pad around your penis and allow to warm up your penis for about ten minutes.

How to Use a Warm Wrap or Wash Cloth

If you don’t have a heating pad you can always use a warm wet wash cloth or other wrap. This is a simple method but it doesn’t hold heat as long as other methods. Using hot water wet the wash cloth or wrap. Squeeze out excess water and wrap around your penis. When the wrap begins to lose its heat, place it in hot water again. You should use a wrap on your penis for approximately five minutes. Remember to keep the wash cloth warm at all times.

How to Use a Rice Sock For Penis Warm Up Exercises

A rice sock is great for doing your warm ups. It holds heat much longer than the warm wrap. It is also easy to make. All you need for a rice sock is a sock, uncooked rice and a microwave. Fill your sock with the rice and place in microwave. The time you warm in microwave will depend on the microwave. Heating time will be between 45 second to 90 seconds. Simply wrap the sock around your penis and allow to warm your penis. Be careful you don’t get the sock too warm.

Hot Shower

There is nothing like a hot shower. You can take a shower before doing your penis exercises to warm up the penis. Simple allow the hot water to run on your penis for 5 minutes.

Penis warm up exercises are essential to penis enlargement. You will get more from your exercises and will not risk injury. Many men can benefit from exercises. Just remember to warm up before you do anything. You will see better results if you do.

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