Increase Semen Volume

How To Increase Semen Volume

The volume of semen produced by a man during ejaculation is a thorny issue many men seem to grapple with. The old wives’ tales are rife with all manner of suggestions and reasons as to whether there is any significance with the quantity of a man’s ejaculate, leaving a lot of men concerned about how to increase their semen volume.

Many men believe increased semen volume is akin to fertility, sexual prowess and increased libido. While as this is a bit farfetched, the truth is not far. A larger volume of semen will have more sperms, hence increasing the chances of the sperms successfully reaching the ovum. It is also interesting to note that sexual pleasure is also heightened because the number of contractions of the pleasure muscles is increased as more semen pass through them.

With that said, you may want to know how you may increase that volume. Well, the magic words are exercise, what you eat and the frequency of sex. These three factors are the determinants of the quantity of your semen.

Exercise is generally good for the whole body. So while at it, why not know how it helps you increase your ejaculate and better your penis performance. There are a group of specific exercises that target these two areas. You can find them in my program post Exercise for Harder Erections. Quality exercises bring about good blood circulation which translates to harder erections and more ejaculate.

Best Foods To Increase Semen Volume and Sperm Motility

The diet or the kinds of foods you eat determines the thickness of the semen, its consistency and semen volume. Foods that have high protein content such as gelatin and egg whites are advised, if you want to improve your semen thickness. Zinc, omega-3 oils, selenium and wheat germ are said to improve consistency. An increased daily fluid intake, especially water, combined with amino acids such as L-lysine, L-arginine and L- carnitine, Horny Goat Weed plant, zinc, maca, pumpkin seeds and catuaba bark, all work towards increasing your semen volume. Many of the above nutrients and ingredients can also be found in penis pills.

One may wonder how frequency of sex affects the ejaculate volume. The semen producing tissue continually produces semen until the semen reserves are filled to capacity. This takes approximately two days. Therefore if one abstains for up to a day or two, the semen released will be more. However abstaining for longer periods does not make a difference in the volume.

What do women say about the volume of the semen? Owing to their primal mating instincts and the natural desire to procreate, women usually prefer a man who ejaculates more semen compared the one that releases less semen! This may be done consciously or unconsciously. Apparently it is also a criterion for evaluating a man’s sexual prowess.

Since ejaculation and orgasm are the ultimate goals of male sexual stimulation, you can heighten the pleasure and chance of reproduction by increasing semen volume and improving the quality of your sperm. Increasing semen volume isn’t everything; but it is more potent, more pleasing and more impressive to both sexes. A man’s ego and self assurance is also pegged by his sexual assertion. This is not only reflected in his sexual activities, but also in his other facets of life.

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