Penis Enlargement Surgery Risks

Penis Enlargement Surgery Risks

It is a fact that penis enlargement surgery comes with risks and is the most painful and expensive option for male enhancement. However there are still men who opt for surgery to increase their penile size as they consider it a faster option to get a big penis instead of going through the hassles of penis enlargement exercises.

However little do men who undergo penis enlargement surgery know that they have to do special exercises to help with the penis recovery after surgery. Moreover, they can’t have sex after the surgery. In addition to this, no matter if it is a penis enlargement surgery or surgery to remove your tonsils, there is always the chance of something going wrong, including a chance of death.

Male Enhancement Surgery Complications

Charles Lennon very well knows the risks of penis enlargement surgery, which he had undergone with the intention of improving his sex life and improve his confidence with women. However what he got in return was a ten-year erection.

Men who haven’t seen women for some time will consider a long-term erection to be something fun. However the reality is that a long term erection is not only harmful to a man’s physical health, it can also hurt his emotions and self-confidence.

As Charles Lennon was in his late 50s and suffered from erectile dysfunction, he had decided to undergo penis enlargement surgery. He thus got a plastic and steel implant called Dura-II, which is designed to help raise a man’s penis during sexual intercourse, and then lower it later on. However as Charles Lennon’s got a defective piece implanted into his penis, his penis remained upright for almost ten years.

Consequently, Charles Lennon could not undergo any surgery to remove the Dura II because of health complications. In fact if he even attempted to do it, he risked damaging his penis forever. With time, the Dura II replaced his penile tissue and he thus could not have sexual intercourse again.

The decision to undergo penis enlargement surgery forever altered Charles Lennon’s life as he could no longer ride a bike, give hugs, wear tight fitting pants or even go swimming. Moreover, feeling embarrassed in public, he preferred living in seclusion for the rest of his life.

Charles Lennon later went on to file and win a lawsuit against the Dura II manufacturer as he would never be a complete man again.

So though penis enlargement surgery risks are generally considered to be quite rare, there is always a chance of something going wrong. Just the tiniest slip of the knife is enough to forever alter your life, like in Charles Lennon’s life. Remember that the penis is a delicate organ and performing surgery on it is risky as it can lead to impotence, scarring, nerve damage, loss of feeling and a permanent erection like in Charles Lennon’s case.

This is why it’s better to use other options for male enhancement instead of surgery. By using medically approved penis extenders, supplements and penis exercises you can avoid any penis enlargement surgery complications. Before considering surgery, it is always better to explore all available options and make your final decision based on facts. We have plenty of information on the blog which can help you make a decision regarding the best option for you.

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