Does Penis Size Matter

Does Penis Size Matter?

Most men spend most of their lives either thinking about their penises or fiddling with their penises. It doesn’t make them perverts, it just means they are normal. Most men would love a massive penis if given the choice and yet they don’t realise that a lot of women prefer a man to have a penis of between 6 and 7 inches. Women prefer a man to have girth over length, when it comes to penis size, as it means they can enjoy sex more. Which begs the question, Does Penis Size Matter?

The advantages of having a smaller penis.

Believe it or not, there is a massive advantage to having a smaller penis! If a man with a small penis has intercourse with a female, he has a greater chance of hitting her g-spot. The g-spot is supposed to be located 3 inches inside from the opening of her vagina. This obviously means that any man with a penis measuring 3-4 inches has a higher chance of satisfying his partner.

The advantages of having an average sized penis.

There is also an advantage to having an average sized penis. If you have an average sized penis measuring between 5-6 inches and you have sex in certain positions, it is possible to stimulate the clit and g-spot at the same time. Also, average sized penises tend to have more girth and we all know how much women like a man with a thicker penis! The reason why, is because the extra girth will help to stimulate the nerve endings near to the entrance of her vagina.

The advantages of have a large penis.

Sadly for men, although women love the look of a large penis, most of them find them intimidating when it comes to making love. Women are not going to enjoy sex with a man who has an usually large penis. If the penis is too long it can hurt the female and it can actually cause damage to her vagina. Anything above 8 or 9 inches and most women will be more turned off than on.

What is the perfect size for a penis?

In reality, there is no perfect size. A lot of women will say that they like a man to have a penis length of around 6.5 – 7 inches, with a girth of around 4.5 – 5.5 inches. But as women always say “it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it”, so all those measurements go out the window. What’s the point in having a perfect looking penis if you don’t know how to use it?

Sadly, all this counts for nothing if you are self conscious about your penis size. If you feel that it is too small and you’ll never be able to satisfy a woman, then you’ll almost certainly never be in many sexual situations with women. Women love men with confidence and you’ll find that the most confident men always attract women, regardless of their looks and penis size.

What can I do to increase my confidence?

There are many ways to increase your confidence, but sometimes it is always better to accept a helping hand. If you are genuinely unhappy with your penis size, then there are a number of enlargement techniques you can try which will help in boosting your confidence .

Listed below are some simple and risky techniques for getting a larger penis and boosting your confidence.

Penis Exercises – These are designed to stretch and train your penis. Penis exercises essentially involve milking/massaging your penis to encourage greater blood flow. If you perform these exercises for up to 30 minutes a day, you could enjoy a temporary increase in penis size of up to an inch.

Penis Extenders – These work by applying traction to the Corpora Cavernosa in your penis. This constant pressure causes cells to break away and duplicate, enabling your penis to hold more blood, attain harder erections, prevent premature ejaculation, improve penile curvatures and increase your size by inches.

In one study of 20 participants, after wearing the device for 3-5 hours a day over 6 months they experienced gains of 3cm when erect and 2cm when flaccid, which remained months after they stopped using the device.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – This area of improvement has seen a lot of advancement in recent years. It still comes with an element of risk though, in the form of scarring, deformity or impotence. If a surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament he can add an inch to the appearance of your penis, but it will stop your penis from pointing upwards when erect. A surgeon can also add skin through the form of skin grafts. This allows you to be more selective over the final size of your penis. However, this procedure carries a heavy risk, as the skin graft can die from lack of blood, leading to scarring and deformity.

Anyone of the above techniques can give you the penis size that you want, which will give you the confidence to longer need to worry about “Does Penis Size Matter?”.

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