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Does Height or Weight Affect Penis Size?

Does height or weight affect the size of a man’s penis?

During a recent scientific study, nearly 3500 men were measured for height and penis size and it was found that the taller the man was, the bigger his penis was. In another study, over 25,000 men were tested and they found that most men over 6ft tall were found to have large penises, while men who measured under 5ft 8in tall had smaller penises. Both of these surveys are obviously stating that the taller the man, the larger his penis is.

It’s been said that you can sometimes judge the size of a man’s penis by the size of his hands or feet. It can also be said that some men who have long arms or legs will naturally have a large penis. Obviously there are a few exceptions to the rule, where some men will end up with unusually small or large penises, regardless of their height and penis size.

What if I am small in height or I have a small penis?

There is no reason to believe that your penis is small just because you are short in stature. The average penis length in the UK is 5.88 inches (14.9 centimetres) and most men have a penis measuring between 5 and 6.5 inches. It was originally thought that most men had an average penis size of 6.5 inches which is completely wrong and it was that number that caused many men to become self conscious about the length of their penis.

Even with this new information, many men are still unhappy with the length of their penis and some of those men turn to penis enlargement surgery, which is a very expensive option for something that can actually have damaging effects.

Tips & Tricks For A Bigger Penis

If you are uncomfortable with the length and girth of your penis, there are many ways that you can make a positive change, without having to spend a fortune. With some simple tricks and exercises, you can easily increase the length and girth of your penis.

Watch your body weight – One of the most important things that you can do in making your penis look bigger is to watch your weight. If you keep your body at it’s correct weight and you aim for a flat stomach, your penis will almost certainly look bigger. If you have excess fat around your stomach area, this can push too much weight around your penis and it will appear smaller.

Trim your pubic hair – This is the most obvious technique and it is already used by many men. Most men will already have access to a beard trimmer or hair trimming set and if it is used once a week to keep things nice and tidy, your penis will definitely appear bigger. Obviously you haven’t increased the size of your penis, but what you have done is trim all the excess hair that was hiding your penis.

KEGEL penis exercises – Kegel penis exercises are designed to strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve stamina and staying power. This exercise involves clenching your PC muscle and holding it for 5-10 seconds every time. If you stick with this exercise for the correct period of time, you will be able to stop premature ejaculation as well as possibly gaining a harder erection.

JELQING penis exercises – This is the only natural exercise for increasing penis length and it consists of 34 eight minute exercises, which are designed to not only increase the size of your penis, but also the girth. Jelqing exercises are designed to increase blood flow into your penis and to stimulate cells. It is widely thought, that after a few months of jelqing, you can expect to see an inch in growth, with added width.

Penis Extenders – Penis extenders are fast becoming the new way for men to increase the length and width of their penises. It has been proven through testing that most men can easily achieve a minimum increase in length of one inch. The reason why they have become so popular is due to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and once they have been purchased, you can keep them for as long as you need.

They work by simply applying traction to the Corpora Cavernosa muscle in your penis, this causes cells to separate and then duplicate. The new cells will accumulate in your penis, allowing it to hold more blood, meaning harder erections for longer periods. It will also help to beat premature ejaculation as well as straighten your penis and most importantly, add extra length and girth.

In many different studies, carried out on men using a penis extender, they found that if a man wears the extender for between 2-6 hours a day over a period of 4-6 months, most men can expect an average gain of over an inch when the penis is erect. If the penis extender is used for the maximum recommended time everyday for at least 6 months, most people can expect to see a gain of up to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width.

The only thing to remember when purchasing a penis extender, is to make sure you only purchase one from an official penis growth site and make sure it has a guarantee.

All you need to know is, the techniques which are listed above, will almost certainly help you increase the size of your penis. With time, effort and the correct techniques, you can easily achieve a larger penis, which will give you the confidence that you need.

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